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, Apprendre l'arabe en ligne

OLCA, Office pour la Langue et la Culture d'Alsace, elsässisches Sprochàmt
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CATALA.AD, Servei de política lingüística del Govern d'Andorra
servei de politica linguistica

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 Babel·lab is an independent research laboratory
specialised in cultures and languages
Babel·lab is part of GG02Echo Web2 sites

Welcome to Babel·lab, Bienvenue sur Babel·lab, Willkommen auf Babel·lab, Bienvenidos en Babel·lab, benvinguts,
! marhabban
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cyrillic by multimedia words
april 2010, learning center, Russian
Learn Cyrillic alphabet thanks to our Babel·lab JavaScript Memory Game (level:confirmed beginners)

arabic memory
march 2010, learning center, Arabic
Learn Arabic letters thanks to Babel.lab JavaScript Memory game (level:beginners, audio illustrations by

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ww elsässisch
july 2010, learning center, Alsatian
French-German-Alsatian glossary of words related to informatics and the world wide web. Author: Pr. Raymond Matzen +++

brueghel tower of babel
may 2010, learning center, French
FRENCH: OCCITÀ vs ELSÄSSISCH AUDIO DEMO - Like every country France has its lot of  accents or specific words or expressions. Here: from South-West (Occità) to the North-East (Alsatian).

+++ Songs for kids and other beginners…

 POETRY/ visit gg02 echo *3 poetry label

  • LXXXIV (by Catullus, around 60 bc)
    LATIN This poem by Catullus is a famous funny piece where the author is making fun of the accent of a so-called "Arrius".

    Chommoda dicebat, si quando commoda vellet

    Dicere, et insidias Arrius hinsidias,

    Et tum mirifice sperabat se esse locutum,

    Cum, quantum poterat, dixerat hinsidias.

    Credo, sic mater, sic liber avunculus ejus,

    Si maternus avus dixerat atque avia.

    Hoc misso in Syriam requierant omnibus aures ;

    Audibant eadem haec leniter et leviter,

    Nec sibi postilla metuabant talia verba,

    Cum subito affertur nuntius horribilis,

    Ionos fluctus, postquam illuc Arrius isset,

    Jam non Ionos esse, sed Hionos.

Babel·lab tips, translations, and poetry section to come soon in partnership with ж3

Babel·lab links
& learning center

learn foreign languages
aprende las lenguas extranjeras
apprends les langues étrangères

lingua. linguæ, webspace and navigation under construction, thank you
for your understanding


BABEL·LAB, bàbbling lab ?!
[l·l] < this is the Catalan letter for the sound [l]

[à] this letter is called a "Swedish a", it's a neutral sound to be found between [a] and [ô]

[babble] to talk in an excited manner. In French, "babiller". Has sometimes a pejorative meaning and can be found in most nordic languages: bable in Norvegian, bàble in Alsatian, brabbelen in Dutch, babl in Icelandic, babbel in Swedish...

Initiation to Alsatian/ Iniciació a la llengua alsaciana
(at stake: Elsässisch, Celtic, Old Norse, Gothic, Vocalic triangle, German, English...)

Français d'Andorre/ French from Andorra, book and lexicum, spanish, french

Audio similarities between Catalan, Russian and Icelandic

Similaritats audio entre català, rus e islandès

Radio Telephony Alphabet
Don't let spelling turn into chaos, learn international radiotelephony alphabet!
>> access alphabet


Coming soon...
Facts and figures

Each day dozens of languages disappear from the Earth surface, each day new languages are being invented, created... From ancient times until most futuristic codes, we try to keep an eye and an ear on the web looking for relevant resources, especially those related with dying or dead languages. The World Wide Web can be seen as a place where the current spoken languages can be preserved; a craddle where dead or forgotten languages are given a second chance, a new life. Babel·lab is meant to be one of those e-craddles/ e-graves.

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Learning center

Early education programmes in foreign languages have been in pre-production in our labs those five latest years. A video partnership with Mr. Jones and his friend Tengu® is on the agenda. A karaoke section is also under construction in partnership with GG02 Radio.

SONGS SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Swedish, English, Catalan, French, German, Latin, Arabic, Modern Greek, Turkish)

Songs for Kids, demo feed

Accents, Sonderzeichnen
  • Special characters in HTML
  • Els accents en català pel Professor Isi
  • Karaoke/ Songs for Kids
Qui pro quo

Lost in idiomatisms or other cultural qui pro quo or apories? Quite normal! And you are not alone, for... So funny can be foreign languages...
Go to Qui Pro Quo section

In partnership with ж3 , also by gathering and rewriting 'babalà bl@tt contents, we will be publishing foreign languages e- or printed booklets and books.
[Latest news  : Production process for two booklets has been launched | language:russian | in 's Babalà Bl@tt demo issue special El Llangardaix.
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